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YOUNITY hosts an annual showcase of diverse, international works in our cultural hotbed, New York City. A well-guided process, such as our call for submissions and reveiw of works, opens YOUNITY to a variety of female perspectives within a set theme. To counter traditional exhibitions in galleries, a typical YOUNITY show ranges from large rooftop video projections to fashion shows in parks to craft markets--in an effort to foster artistic expansion. The constant factor is a serious desire to flip the script and also unite artists worldwide. Unlike many of the female-driven art events, YOUNITY makes the visual the main focus. We bring together a collection of paintings, sculpture, crafts, photographs, clothing, film, design and anything else submitted by talented women.


YOUNITY places a high-prority on their mentoring initiative called YOUNITY Youth. It is a program dedicated to a group of inner-city art students by including them in our annual exhibition process. The Youth team learns the business side of the arts while cultivating their own personal art skills. Students are also responsible for documenting exhibitions through film, photos and blogging; granting students added exposure in these medias. Later, the Youth team is given a chance to share their personal reflections on the entire exhibition process. A sense of self-importance, consciousness and postitivity is imparted through a productive, fun and appealing mentorship. Our long term goals include: improving the self esteem of young women, honing skills, and offering crucial insight to working with professional artists.


YOUNITY hosts quarterly workshops (both nationally and internationally) for students, forming a continuum of knowledge about urban art history and evolution. The workshops are developed by YOUNITY artists and co-founders Alice Mizrachi, who has been teaching in New York City's classrooms for over 10 years, and Toofly, whose experience in design, illustration, graffiti, and street art has enabled her to pass on her acquired skills to young kids worldwide. Their combined approach teaches students various applications to art; every child can connect. By hosting these workshops, Alice and Toofly serve as educators and role models to the youth by channeling creativity and bringing the power of the arts into their lives.

Throughout the year, YOUNITY artists participate in panel discussions in New York and abroad. The continued dialogue inspires others to create positive social changes within and outside of their art communities. We feel it is important to spread our message of social awareness through the arts across a wide, international audience. By participating, we help others by spreading the knowledge we've acquired as a collecitve and in return, we gain new information and insight.

YOUNITY serves as a large network of resources to all of the participating women within our collective. We bring the artists together for a cross-cultural exchange of talents for barter, jobs, and participation in other art shows. The connections made at annual YOUNITY shows cement the fabric of the organization, bringing our group into overlapping circles to share information while promoting and supporting each other. Through our network, artists have been hired for projects such as album work for top selling musicians, tv work with networks such as HBO and VH1 in addition to continuous requests for custom pieces.

In these ways, YOUNITY aims to be a catalyst for the creation of social change.